November 19th, 2009

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хуже уже не будет Четверг, 19 Ноября 2009 г.
Во время матча Словения-Россия в Игоря Акинфеева болельщики сборной Словении кинули раскладным ножем. Повезло, что промахнулись. На повторе трансляции матча видно, как Игорь поднимает нож, зовет судью и передает ему это оружие.

За такие вещи Словения (по правилам ФИФА) должна стать жертвой технического поражения.

Плюс - я думаю все обратили на невнятное судейство и неадекватность арбитра в своих решениях. Любой зритель видел, как он помогал вставать словенцам с поля и удалял наших. переходим по этой ссылке и отправляем письмо след. содержания:

Dear president of FIFA!
The community of free fans of football wishes to address you about the events which have occurred in the recent match between Slovenia and Russia. During the game the main referee made, in our opinion, arguable decisions. The reasons given by the referee for which Kerzhakov was removed are insufficient and have disputable motives.
A blow was put by a player of Slovenia, who had decided that the Russian player injured the goalkeeper. The video review clearly shows that the Russian player directed his blow at the ball, instead of at the goalkeeper. The same replay also depicts the Slovenian player the player of Slovenia striking a blow straight at Kerzhakov.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that there was no proper reaction to the pocket knife which was thrown at Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev by Slovenian fans. The knife was picked up by Akinfeev and handed over to the referee. According to FIFA regulations, such actions from fans of either team lead to the disqualification of their same team.
Furthermore, the person tasked with bringing balls did not wish to return a ball to the player of the Russian national team which in turn provoked a conflict in a match already in its final minutes. As a result of the conflict, one of the organizers physically influenced goalkeeper I.Akinfeev, which led to a yellow card for J.Zhirkov and his leaving of the field.
We are to be believed that basic idea of sports always was and there is a revealing objectively the strongest team. The fast should be considered as the winner, exact and as a result the best sportsman. However the victory can be appropriated only to that sportsman who observes the established order and wins against the contenders being in equal conditions with them, in fair struggle, – that mainly and promoted by rules. We always trusted and hoped that rules are objective and created for everything, irrespective of names, nationalities and former merits. Certainly, infringements of rules can have various character and accept plural forms, also as well as their treatment.

Considering the above-stated and being guided by the general principles of Olympic movement proclaiming equality of the rights and duties of competing commands during carrying out of competitions and out of them, we urge FIFA to follow the law letter, to show adherence to principles (as it became time and again concerning other commands) and to apply provided FIFA penal sanctions.
Prestige and authority of sports on your hands, and we hope, FIFA will accept as a result a right decision which will correspond to the accepted principles and norms of sports as a whole and football in particular. Otherwise the belief in honesty and objectivity of sports for usual fans of football will be from every corner of the globe strongly undermined, rules for sportsmen will lose sense, and the competition essence will come to naught.

Yours faithfully, free fans of sports and football.

В графе Subject указываем Match Slovenia - Russia.

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